About us

the Rain Check founders

Olivia & Scott have designed and built Rain Check from scratch, giving clear insight from 50 years of Met Office data to help you plan a perfect day.

Inspired by a wash-out wedding day in October 2018, Rain Check started as a lockdown side project collaboration between two friends. Since then, we have developed Rain Check into a powerful tool that looks and feels great to use.

Our sister site, raincheck.wedding, empowers anyone getting married in the UK to choose the wedding date most likely to give them sunshine, snow, and anything in between. Harnessing meteorological data is powerful, which is why we created Rain Check Labs. This site allows anyone planning an outdoor event, or an event where the weather will be a critical factor, to choose the date with the best odds. Though we offer no guarantees, our API operated via Rain Check Labs gives you the peace of mind that you have the best data available at the click of a button.

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Olivia Mackintosh

When she is not trying to dodge the rain, she leads the Research team at a boardroom advisory firm in London. She has a Philosophy, Psychology, and Physiology degree from Oxford University, and an MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.

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Scott Riseborough

Scott has significant experience working on cloud-based technologies, and has a background in climate physics from his studies at Oxford University. He is all too aware of the changeable nature of British weather: he is Welsh, his partner is Scottish, and they were married in Edinburgh. Scott now sees the value Rain Check would have brought had he had access to it when they were choosing a wedding date.